Baker Tilly International


Baker Tilly International was established in 1987 and its headquarters are located in London. By combined fee income of the company’s independent members Baker Tilly is in the Top 10 among audit and business consulting networks in the world. It is represented by 125 firms in 147 countries with more than 33,600 people worldwide. The network is headquartered in London. All firms within Baker Tilly International share common philosophy of business strategy based on international capability, global consistency of professional services and permanent improvement of technologies.

In order to exchange progressive experience and develop better work methodology, Baker Tilly International establishes special industrial groups, which study the best practices applied by the association members in respective business areas and types of activity. Affiliation with Baker Tilly International network provides member firms with access to global resources and capabilities to provide exceptional client services. Clients of Baker Tilly International take advantage of professional support in each of 147 countries.

The most valuable asset of Baker Tilly International is its impeccable reputation. Network members’ independence ensures its soundness and stability in the international market.

Quality of services provided by member firms is assured by regular external reviews performed by experts of the network’s headquarters.