Corporate services

Our team of professionals has been involved in successful implementation of the projects in the areas of strategic planning, financial analysis and due diligence, research and forecasting. To our clients, we offer not simply good-quality service but the knowledge unique for the business practices in Turkmenistan. Our experience includes the fundraising projects on the international debt (Eurobonds) and equity (IPO) markets; M&A transactions; tax and accounting support of the business processes at the leading Turkmenistan firms and functional divisions of the multinational companies. Our services are provided to the extensive clientele in all industries and directed towards increasing efficiency and profitability of the business enterprise.

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Financial and Tax Due Diligence

Provides information to managers and investors about the company's ability to generate future cash flow, based on analysis of historical financial performance, as well as future opportunities.

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Monitoring of borrowers and loan covenants

helps maintain the smooth working relationships among the banks and the borrowing businesses thus sustaining a crucial access to debt capital.

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Review of Budgeting and Planning System

While appreciating the potential of new models, we at Baker Tilly Ukraine remain committed to the basic ideas of effective budgeting and planning

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Internal Financial Controls

Our service IFC Testing and Implementation is designed to support CEO and CFO and draws upon substantial experience in audit and outsourcing work for corporate clients

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