Tax advisory

Tax legislation remains the most dynamically evolving branch of the law. Our experts will help to reduce the risks of doing business by providing expert advice on the application of tax regulations, ownership structuring, domestic and international transactions, etc.

Addressing the tax experts at Baker Tilly Turkmen will enable you to solve several problems simultaneously:

  • Not to waste time searching for and structuring information;
  • Receive high-quality and up-to-date information on key issues for your business;
  • Improve qualifications of your employees and their knowledge of tax modifications;
  • Make decisions based on exhaustive information

We offer comprehensive services on tax issues in the following areas:

1. Tax advice:

  • Oral and written advice on taxation of certain business transactions of our Clients;
  • Advice on tax legislation of Turkmenistan and other countries;
  • Analysis of contractual relationships in terms of possible tax consequences;
  • Tax risk assessment in business transactions;
  • Structuring of domestic and international transactions for the purpose of tax optimization;
  • Preparation of documents for tax appeals;
  • Advice on taxation of foreign companies and their representative offices in Turkmenistan;
  • Prompt delivery of information on changes in Turkmen legislation and tax regulations.

2. Tax legislation compliance review:

  • Conduction of tax audit;
  • Preparation of tax reporting.

3. Tax planning:

  • Tax planning and tax payment optimization;
  • Review of tax approaches at the company in order to eliminate system errors in tax accounting and reduce tax risks;
  • Implementation of tax accounting system, development of the company's accounting policies, taking into account peculiarities of taxation.

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